Confessions of a First Time iPhone User

After years as a devoted Android user, I made the switch to iPhone. This is not something of which I am proud. I’ve been loyal Android user. I bought Nexus devices. I ran clean and quick stock Android ROMs. But because of some outside influences, I had to make the switch. Sooo… F’ it. Let’s... Continue Reading →

The Poo Fairy

It’s the middle of the night, and I’m suddenly awake. I don’t know the time, but I know it’s too late to still be up, and also too early to start the day. It’s the time of the night when thoughts and dreams are woven together. Silence. I hear the door knob rattling on my... Continue Reading →

American* Annoyances

Photo by Pat Castaldo | CC BY-ND  *And by American, I mean suburban middle-class people in the United States that have no real problems. Americans* are an annoyed people We don’t have real problems, so we have to create them, convince ourselves that our creations are somehow affecting us, and proceed to complain about them whenever... Continue Reading →

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